On 17 October 1815, the Count of Motezuma de Tula and Tultengo granted a licence to build the Santa Bárbara brewery at calle Hortaleza nº 2. “Santa Bárbara” was born.

The first outlets for this beer began to open in Madrid in 1900. In 1947, the flagship establishment at La Plaza de Santa Bárbara nº 8 opened its doors for the first time.

Pérez Galdós has mentioned the Santa Bárbara beer in his famous National Episodes:
“… his lunch, which I later observed, was the same every day. On the desk in his office, he was served a cut of meat with chips, a ration of Gruyère cheese and a glass of Santa Bárbara beer. When the waiter returned for the plates, Francisco paid him out of his own pocket and we continued with our work.”

In 1969, the Santa Bárbara pub at calle Fernando VI became the pub par excellence of the early seventies. The pub offered comfortable Irish decor that encouraged social gatherings where topics of the day were discussed. It became the meeting point of labour lawyers, directors and actors from both the cinema and the theatre, trade unionists, students, feminists and - listening in on their discussions - plain – clothed agents from the police intelligence service (Brigada Político Social).

In July of 1971 the establishment at calle Goya nº 70 was opened for the first time and, in 1981, the premises at calle José Castán Tobeñas (next to the Plaza de Castilla courthouse) were purchased.

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